Rent a Project Manager

You can rent Henrik Kaare Poulsen as a project manager in your organization.

Henrik has 20 years of experience in managing projects in IT and telecommunications.

KaarPo excels in creating success in projects outside the box.

The Key to Success

KaarPo is focused on the successful execution of the project.

Objectives are clarified and refined in close co-operation with the customer.

The team is motivated by "leading from the front".

Efficiency is ensured by defining and implementing suitable methods.

Outside the Box

KaarPo is an expert in management of projects outside the usual framework.

Special care needs to be taken, if the project domain is outside the organization's area of expertise, the objectives are not well defined, or the implementation methods are unclear.

KaarPo has vast experience in such projects, and makes the impossible possible.


Henrik is a high skilled, reliable and trustworthy business partner [who is] always eager to provide the best result.
Henrik was a Project Manager in a very challenging and demanding project. He performed his job in a professionally and timely way.


KaarPo's customers include:


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